Create Your Own WordPress Website with BlueHost

Create WordPress Website bluehost

One of the simplest ways to establish your online presence is to create your own website or personal blog. There are several applications and website-building platforms out there to make your work easy. One of the most popular website-building platforms is WordPress, which powers over 41% of the website across the globe.

In this Detailed article, we’ll learn how to create a proper WordPress website with Bluehost. All you need is Bluehost WordPress Hosting or any other shared hosting.

Just follow these quick steps to create your first WordPress Website. So without any further ado, let’s jump right into the content.

1. Create Bluehost Account

Whenever you are creating your WordPress website the first step is to register your domain name, and purchasing of Hosting. So to do that you need an Account in Bluehost.

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Bluehost’s WordPress hosting is the recommended one to get started. And most importantly if you are purchasing WordPress hosting from Bluehost, WordPress is pre-installed in the hosting. you don’t need to worry about installation technicalities.

One thing to keep in mind before you register your domain name. Make sure that your domain name represents your brand or blog. With Bluehost, you won’t need to pay extra if you are a New user and purchasing hosting from Bluehost for One Year.

We have one detailed blog on How to purchase Bluehost Domain and Hosting you can check that out as well. So for now we’re considering that you know how to purchase domain & hosting.

2. Manage WordPress Website

Once you have registered your domain name and hosting, it’s time to log in to your hosting account and manage your WordPress website.

Go to the login page enter the valid credentials. After you click on Login you will be redirected to cPanel. Your WordPress is automatically installed, so you can directly log in to your WordPress dashboard.

Bluehost has given a feature to monitor your WordPress Website and everything associated with it right from your Bluehost pannel.

To customize your WordPress website, click on the ‘Log in to WordPress’ button on the far-right side of your Bluehost dashboard.

3. Customize your WordPress Website

After log in to your Website, it’s time to customize your website and blog according to your preferences. Whatever changes you made in the WordPress backend it will reflect in the frontend of your website.

You can save your chances as draft, until you publish your changes it won’t reflect in your website.

Alright, that’s enough to make you understand that what WordPress dashboard will do. So, let’s begin with the first step of customizing the website.

WordPress comes with 100+ Free and Premium themes for your WordPress Website. Depending on your choice and requirement choose the perfect theme for your website. While choosing the theme make sure that the theme is responsive and SEO friendly.

To find themes, go to the sidebar in your WordPress dashboard click on Appearance > Themes. If you like the theme you are good to go. Download and Install to your website.

Once you have selected a theme and installed it on your website, it’s time to add functionalities to your website. Create pages, add social media buttons, just by installing the right plugins.

4. Add Content to Website

If you added your required ages to your website, now it’s time to add some content to them. You can do that by adding some valuables to content to the pages or you can add posts that will be helpful for your website visitors.

To add pages to your website, simply go to the sidebar of your WordPress website dashboard. Click on Pages > Add page. You can add as many pages as you want there is no bound to add pages to a WordPress website.

You can categorize the post into different categories. To add categories go to “category” located in the sidebar, enter your category name, and save that’s it.

Whenever you add any post from your WordPress website all the added categories are shown in the post’s sidebar where you can select them and categorize them differently.

5. Launch

Once you are satisfied with your website customization and content, you can preview it to test all the functionalities, looks and feel. If you are satisfied with the final version of the website you are good to go with your new WordPress website.

Once you launch your website it’s officially live to the world. if you have more confusion regarding the Website or WordPress you can check out our Blog for more helpful resources.