In-depth Comparison Bluehost vs Wix

Bluehost vs Wix

Choosing the hosting plan and platform totally depends on your requirements. If you require your hosting to be top-notch you can look for cloud hosting otherwise, you will take the basic web hosting plan.

But picking up the best hosting company is a challenge. In the end, you need the best for your website. So in this article, we are doing a depth comparison on Bluehost vs Wix. Where we’ll focus on every important aspect of web hosting.

Best Web Hosting – Bluehost vs Wix

The main motive of the website is to make 24×7 visibility on the internet. So to make it visible all the time you need good web hosting which gives you good uptime. These days too many plans are available for web hostings which may confuse you before buying the same.

Follow this article to learn more in-depth about the pros and cons of Bluehost vs Wix. To buy web hosting services from Bluehost India you can use the Latest Bluehost Coupons.

Overview – Bluehost vs Wix


Bluehost vs Wix

Bluehost was established in 2003 and working in this field for quite a long time, and it is a popular web hosting service provider since then. Every year they are empowering the business by providing them the web solutions.

Till now Bluehost powers more than 2 million websites, on the other hand, Bluehost avails the email, domain, and other web tools services.

Using Bluehost you can install other CMS platforms and build your websites. Bluehost offers one click installation of popular CMS like WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal.

If you see the sudden peak in your online business and planned to expand it further, you can go further with no more time, they give the flexibility to the users to upgrade the hosting plans anytime from anywhere.


Bluehost vs Wix

Wix established in 2006 and a cloud-based platform that helps you to build your website in no time. Wix provides drag and drops components to build websites with ease so that you can eliminate the technical part.

Wix has more than 160 million registered users worldwide. It provides users to create websites with more than 500+ pre-made templates designed for different purposes.

You’ll be able to build all kinds of websites using Wix that includes personal blogs and business sites.

Hosting Types – Bluehost vs Wix

Alright, so Bluehost offers hosting for all your needs, starting from shared hosting, Dedicated hosting, and reseller hosting. Bluehost also provides dedicated WordPress hosting, with one-click installation. All in all, it offers WooCommerce hosting for e-commerce sites.

Other than web hosting services you can purchase professional emails for your business needs. Always use Bluehost coupons to purchase hosting and domain from Bluehost.

Wix also offers different kinds of hosting plans according to your needs. You can create a website with their free plan. It also offers a connect domain and combo plan with different functions.

Wix offers eCommerce and unlimited plan options. If you want to be added hosting features you can buy special VIP plans.

Features – Bluehost vs Wix

All the features in Bluehost may vary according to the hosting plans you opt for. Mostly it provides unlimited bandwidth and SSD storage to host & store your files.

And with all the hosting plans in Bluehost, you will get 99.9% uptime and also supports dual quad processor performance which will help you optimize your website performance.

Wix offers mostly customized features for website building. It offers a drag and drop website builder and with more than 500 pre-designed templates which let the users design the website quickly.

With Wix, you will get the option to integrate with SEO tools and mobile customization. Wix also promises to give you the uptime of 99.9% which is quite good.

Web Security – Bluehost vs Wix

With Bluehost, you will get three ways to filter spam, which offers you protection from hackers. With an inbuilt malware scan, you can scan if there is any malware present on your website. Along with that, you’ll get DDoS protection and a website monitoring system.

Bluehost also offers you the features to password-protect certain files and directories. Bluehost offers you a panel where you can install the custom SSL certificate on your website.

Wix offers you comprehensive security controls for your website. It offers an SSL certificate to all its users to gain the trust of the visitors. Wix provides DDoS protection along with a website monitoring system as well.

Most importantly Wix offers centralized website security, which means all the security patches and updates are applied automatically to your website.

Money-back Guarantee – Bluehost vs Wix

Bluehost offers 30 days money-back guarantee from the day you apply for the refund. The refund amount will depend upon the plan you opted for.

Always keep this thing in mind that the company will not give you any refunds for the cancellations that are made after 30 days of the purchase.

With Wix, you get the option to cancel the plan within 14 days and you’ll receive a full refund. All the refund in the case of Wix is applicable for premium users only. To get the full refund you have to cancel your plan within that 14 days trial period.

Customer Support – Bluehost vs Wix

As we know that Bluehost is the leading hosting provider in the market, and obviously we can expect good customer support from them. Bluehost offers you live chat and email support which allows you to solve your problem related to hosting.

Additionally, they have their Knowledge Base where you can explore more about the problem and find their respective solutions.

With Wix you’ll get the complete phone and email support, You’ll be able to generate tickets in case you need solutions to your technical problems. Wix also offers their knowledge base as well.

Wrap up

So here we come to the end of the compression between Bluehost vs Wix. Now it’s your call which web hosting you are going to buy for your next website. See always choose the hosting which fulfills your requirements and pocket friendly too.

Choosing the expensive one is not always a good choice sometimes we’ve to choose wisely to get more results out of it. So that we can save money on one and use that money to expand it further.